I pray this list of personal resources serves you well, precious friends! – J.

My Story – If you have questions about my story and it’s relation to my faith, you can click here to see our video with Sun Valley Community Church in 2017. It explains my hope, and what can be yours too. Our part starts at the 27:00 minute mark, though I recommend watching the whole thing! This sermon on “storms” might just change your life.

My Support – In 2015/2016, I hit rock bottom with my mental health. Parenting a special needs child as a mother with chronic disease got rough! There’s a saying I learned in Celebrate Recovery that says unmet expectations leads to resentment. A part of me kept expecting things to get easier. They didn’t and they haven’t. CR is for all hurts, habits, and hangups; with locations around the globe. For me, I need to regularly turn my parenting over to Jesus to thrive here. (He always does a much better job than I can!)

My Lifestyle – I’m an adaptive and family-centered holy yoga instructor and I have been living a green, clean keto and low carb lifestyle since my official diagnosis with CFS in 2015. You can grab an insiders view on my pinterest boards or contact me for suggestions.

My Business – For the last five years, I have been a brand ambassador for an incredible company. I’m a fan of Jesus fueled by coffee. My company keeps me at my best physically, spiritually, and financially. Ask me anything!

Bliss (My Wild) –  I get questions about how I “knew” Bliss had/has sensory processing disorder (and an anxiety disorder – OCD). Parenting coach Wendy Bertagnole asked me about this in September 2018. That recording can be found here. At the time, we still believed that Bliss was on the autism spectrum. We are no longer sure that is the case. P.S. Wendy is an incredible human being, with a gift for serving families in special spaces!