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Jennifer Magnano, C-HYI, ILC | FOUNDER

Jennifer with Wild

“She wasn’t born herself she found herself over a long and treacherous road and the more treacherous the road became the more of herself she found.”

Jennifer is the creative force behind The Barefoot Preacher Project and owns a small virtual wellness business. She has been writing for as long as she can remember, and has actively practiced yoga since the age of 11 when her chronic disease began.

After using movement and mindfulness to recover from postpartum depression and anxiety – and then a debilitating back injury that left her unable to walk or care for her child – she pursued formalized training. She is certified as an Adaptive Holy Yoga Instructor (C-HYI), a 240-hour Children’s Yoga Teacher, and as an Integrative Life and Wellness Coach (ILC).

With a personal path of raising both a medically fragile infant and a special needs child, Jennifer has been trained extensively in mindfulness in motherhood as well as in emotional healing and most recently, recovery principles. In 2012, Jennifer had the honor of putting her training and experience to the test. She piloted the first ever grant-funded family yoga program for at-risk families in the state of Connecticut with incredible results; and she began serving families with experience of premature birth, birth loss, and birth defect.

As a woman of faith, Jennifer believes that what we focus on, we move toward. When not exploring the profound joys of life and nature with her family, she can be found speaking life into wild paths – over coffee, in groups, and online. Since her cross country move (she’s a desert-dweller now), Jennifer has flooded social media, church, and studio airwaves with a message of compassion, inclusion, acceptance, and hope. She is passionate about generational healing, respect for our bodies, the parent-child bond, and maternal mental health.


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