About The Project

​I believe that in every home, there is a barefoot preacher. In yours, it’s you! In between welcoming two precious children – who radically changed my life – a project was birthed. One with the mission of reminding all of us to speak life into wild places and spaces, and live gratefully, come what may. – Jennifer

In between welcoming the two precious children who have radically changed her life, a project was birthed. And since it’s inception in 2011, it has been Jennifer’s vehicle to serve a community she’s just so passionate about.

Through The Barefoot Preacher Project, Jennifer Magnano and guests encourage families (wild rides) and faith journeys through writing (here and on multiple social media platforms), speaking, mentorship, and prayer. Our mission here is (simply) to share stories; advocate for wholeness in wildness; and train up families – mothers and children – to see the goodness within reach.

We are so, so honored you are here and we can’t wait to walk alongside you as you live your best possible life.