A Note

Dear Friend,

I’m so glad you are here. It is truly a gift to share this life with you.

And it is an honor to share what I have learned – our guests have learned – and what we collectively continue learning, daily.

If you’re exhausted and losing faith…

If you are wondering if you or your child will ever be well…

If you ponder what it might be like to be in a community of like hearts…

If you have no idea how you can be used right here

Then, you are absolutely in the right place.

For almost two decades now, I have been plugged into living life well as a Christian woman with chronic disease. It’s been quite the adventure. I’ve been diagnosed with dozens of complications from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME), including malignant melanoma, lupus, seizures, crohns disease and a rare blood clotting disorder. I have had an early and critically-ill baby. I’m raising a special needs child…

We are in the midst of so much wildness. Still.

​And while I adore being the mother of these two precious, miracle kids, here I have wondered and pondered and been utterly confused by it all. As a believer, I know there will be trouble. Yet, it’s a challenge to wait out the storm.

Do you agree?

Team Magnano

Let’s wear out our praying knees together.

Let’s share our wild stories.

Let’s explore what is working well – and what’s not.

Let’s love on the skin we are in and the life we are living no matter what.

Let’s keep going…

And speak life come what may.

It is time to create safe and intentional community around wild spaces, the stories we live, and the One who has called us to stay the course. Because, really, we matter. And how we walk (or run) with our story ​and Jesus can change lives.

As you read through these stories, ideas, thoughts, and threads, I pray that you are touched in a new way – and perhaps feel less alone in the midst of your wildness. Friend, we are either in a storm, or headed toward one. We absolutely need one another, dear one! Will you dig in with us?

I hope so.

We are better together, we are worthy of well, and we are made for so, so much more than we can possibly imagine right here in this moment. Believe it. Receive it!

Peace & Love,