Bring On The Lemonade – We Choose to Thrive

When life gives you lemons – a.k.a. all the wildness – you can either make some super delicious lemonade with it… or you can not. With six years of mothering a gorgeous child with sensory processing disorder and fifteen years mothering me – a woman living with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) – under my belt, I have personally come to the conclusion that either we choose to thrive… to make the lemonade… or we choose to not thrive.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m judging you if you aren’t thriving today. That’s not what I do. I speak life. So, imagine that this brief snapshot of the very beginning of a brand new season of putting special needs in their place, and all-the-while crushing the positive-mindset-game, is me speaking life into both of us.

Which brings me to today.

Today, we begin at our local Brain Balance Achievement Center.

Last week when they suggested we document the ride, I immediately knew that I would share here – with you. Because I love sharing where the Lord leads us and has led. And also, I love hearing about where He’s taken you. (So please comment if you have something to say!)

Here’s a short video as we prepared to get our home exercises done… just before our big first day. The goal of our sensory integration plan? Contain the effects of SPD and OCD on our Wild girl’s life. Perhaps reintegrating her into a classroom environment (we’re homeschooling this year while she begins this adventure). And to see her live out her dreams – whatever they may be.

Our Wild One
This picture was captured over the weekend, when we ventured out to Not Your Typical Deli & Bakery in Gilbert, AZ. It’s the perfect place for Bliss to just be… Bliss. And the food is so good!

We are all worthy of thriving, my friend. Of making lemonade from lemons! And this family… we move forward by choice. Exhausted some days by our reality. Excited for what is to come. Embracing – accepting but not – what is.

(Papa, as always, we’re counting on you!)

xox J.



Published by Jennifer Magnano

Inspired by a woman's transition into and transformation in motherhood, Jennifer is passionate about acceptance, inclusion, growth, and inter-generational mental health. Over the last decade, she has encouraged masses of mothers around the world through her writing, yoga instruction, and as an Ayurvedic postpartum doula. As a candid storyteller, Jennifer's muse is "shared-experience" with mothers and families who face diverse life challenges. She is a melanoma survivor, a chronic disease "thriver" and special needs parent. Residing in Arizona with her husband Scott, they raise two miracle kids, a future therapy dog named Mya, all the edible plants, and hundreds of worms on a perfectly imperfect, tiny piece of desert land.

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