Where I See Jesus

Today I’m trying my hand at poetry. We’ll see if I can convey the joy I’m experiencing. I pray I can.

Blessings, sweet friends

xox J.

I see Jesus

In the sunrise

No child in my bed

For perhaps

The first time

In a decade.

I see Jesus

In the bath time

When I can


No chair in sight

Bend forward

And wash her hair.

I see Jesus

In silence

No screaming child

Her angst obvious

Crushing my soul.

I see Jesus

In a massage

Not because I’m injured

But because

Somewhere along the way

I decided worth

Has nothing

To do with


And everything

To do with


I see Jesus

In everything

Since melanoma came

And life slowed

And my child

Began to thrive.

I saw him before.

Of course I did.

But today

I’m seeing him

In life released

From so much wildness

If only for a time

And I give

huge thanks

For the calm

Between storms.

He is good.

Blessed to be here with these precious souls; they have taught me everything about what matters.

Published by Jennifer Magnano

Jennifer - aka The Barefoot Preacher - is a writer, postpartum doula, yogi & mental health activist raising two miracle kids, a future therapy dog named Mya, and hundreds of worms on a tiny piece of land in Phoenix, Arizona. An avid storyteller of personal trial and strife, she believes every single journey can point to goodness, gladness, joy, and a Sovereign God who provides - always.

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