Identity Crisis – Just Call Me “His”

I’m on my first momcation. I guess I could call it something else… like a trip. But alas, motherhood is my primary vocation in this place and space of life – so here I am – taking my first real break in nine years.

Me in Sedona at The Chapel of the Holy Cross. A few weeks ago, I mentioned to my mentor/sponsor that I felt like the Lord was calling me to take a few days off from really real life. Being a mother is my heart and soul. Yet, to my Maker, I am immeasurably more than a mother. He calls me beautiful on my worst days. Which makes me wonder, what does He call me on my best? (Wink. I think it’s just “still” His.)

Typically, I have loads to write to you. Most times we visit here I have a plethora of words to share about life and love and laughter and chronic disease and special parenting (and, and, and…). Today I don’t.

All I know is that the moment you step away from really real life and look up, you’ll find peace and perhaps a few unexpected answers to prayers.

So today, I’ll remind you how important your role is – as a mama or caregiver or human being (really). And I’ll tell you to take a break. Take a break from whatever you are calling yourself and get with your Maker. Let Him whisper sweet words of serenity into your soul. And find hope in something other that what your hands can do.

I love you and I am for you. But more importantly your Heavenly Father loves you and is for you.  Now, go take a break.

xox J.

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