Hope in the Dark

Hey beautiful friends, last week we began a new book study. It was just the introduction, so you can dig right in today with us and not feel like you missed anything at all. To continue preparing your heart – or to introduce you to this wonderful book – I’ll share a bit of the devotional that led me to Hope in the Dark. But first, here are some resources to help you get the most out of your special parenting or chronically wild path:

A short version of the study can be found on the YouVersion app.

I’m loving this awesome free bible journaling template

And to purchase the actual book – that I’m talking about each week, it’s right here. It’s been such a gift to my special mama heart!


Okay – so let’s dig in.

In the Hope in the Dark YouVersion study, Craig Groeschel writes:

“I wrote this book and Bible Plan for the many people who are struggling to believe that God cares about them, especially when they find themselves in the middle of a crisis. When you’re stumbling through a valley, it’s difficult to see the light. You want to believe, but you’re having a hard time reconciling the hope-filled message of the Christian faith with what you’re seeing around you.

More than 2,600 years ago, Habakkuk asked many of the same questions people all over the world are still asking today. And in his grace, God relieved some of Habakkuk’s anguish, even as he left other questions unanswered. But on the other side of his doubts, Habakkuk grew into a person with a richer faith, a faith that may not have developed as fully had he not struggled through his doubts.”

Have you ever been there? Struggling with doubts – unsure of what to do or who to turn to because obviously God isn’t listening? Honestly, me too.

I’m a believer to my core. I say that I found Jesus before I knew he existed; a calming presence in the middle of storms that came upon me long before my path today. Yet, I too have struggled with doubts. My biggest came when I saw my business go up in smoke as chronic disease met special parenting. I didn’t quit on my business or my God. But let’s just say that fear took the reigns. I feared that I would never see my business prosper again. And I feared that my God’s plans for me weren’t all that good. That maybe my suffering was attached to His greater plan. That maybe staying faithful without my health or my child’s sanity was more than just a test – but my life’s work.

I have since regained stability in my health, yet had to experience cancer first.

And I have since seen my child’s sanity fluctuate more toward typical than not (though that varies from day-to-day with sensory processing disorder and OCD).

Best of all, I no longer believe that hardship is my life’s calling. It’s more-so a reminder that we’re not home.

What about you? Have you taken on hardship as your calling in life? Have you realized yet that we will all walk through trials because truly we’re just not Home?

For the next two weeks, we’ll be discussing Part 1 of Hope in the Dark. We’ll wade in the deep waters of big questions like “where are you, God?” together, and perhaps find some solid ground.

I’m ready to take this on with you, precious friend. And I can’t wait to see what the Lord has to offer each of us here.

xox J.

Published by Jennifer Magnano

Inspired by a woman's transition into and transformation in motherhood, Jennifer is passionate about acceptance, inclusion, growth, and inter-generational mental health. Over the last decade, she has encouraged masses of mothers around the world through her writing, yoga instruction, and as an Ayurvedic postpartum doula. As a candid storyteller, Jennifer's muse is "shared-experience" with mothers and families who face diverse life challenges. She is a melanoma survivor, a chronic disease "thriver" and special needs parent. Residing in Arizona with her husband Scott, they raise two miracle kids, a future therapy dog named Mya, all the edible plants, and hundreds of worms on a perfectly imperfect, tiny piece of desert land.

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